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Charity & Public Relations

Green Locker believes strongly in philanthropy, both as a means of personal development and as a means to achieve greater professional development which is why we encourage our clients to contribute and to get personally involved in the world around them.

We encourage our clients to contribute their philanthropic resources through the formation of charitable foundations.  Establishing a charitable foundation not only develops character, but also establishes goodwill between yourself and the fans in your community and helps enhance your marketability and endorsement appeal.

We will coordinate and facilitate the initial formation of the foundation. We help our clients define their vision for the direction of their foundation, which includes creating the overall mission and goals for the foundation, structuring the foundation to achieve tax-exempt charity status, assist in selecting the segment of the community to benefit, identify and organize the initial key personnel within the community to work in the strategic program areas, targeting donors and recipients and prepare and file all necessary government and legal documents.  We will also assist our clients with fundraising efforts.