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Theme Nights

We have experienced owners of bars, clubs and lounges who are so afraid of change, yet they are on the verge of losing all of their business.

At Green Locker, we develop marketing strategies for bars, clubs and lounges based around theme nights and special events.  If you want to bring attention to your establishment, or if your customers are asking for a special party, then you may want to host a theme night.  Theme nights are a great way to attract crowds, involve sponsors and business suppliers and show appreciation for your customers by offering them something special.

Theme nights will cost you next to nothing but will raise spirits sales at least 20% a week.

We work together with every venue to provide a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all of your staff and patrons.  Don’t waste time losing more customers and more money.  Now is the time to revamp, reconfigure, rebrand and reposition your nightlife adventures.   Your vision is our central focus.